Mary Kay® Micellar Water

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Perfectly cleansed skin in next to no time. Facial cleansing has never been easier: Put micellar water on a cotton pad and rub it over the skin a few times. The gentle yet very effective formula easily attracts impurities. The finest micelles act like magnets to pull dirt away from the skin and leave a clean feeling - without water or a sink.

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Mary Kay® Micellar Water
With micellar water, the skin can be cleaned in next to no time - without water or a sink. Make-up and other impurities are easily removed with the gentle yet effective formula. Whether it's hectic in the morning or a quick cleanse is needed in between, simply soak a cotton ball and gently stroke the skin a few times. In the future there are no more excuses to skip facial cleansing! The micellar water is also perfect as the first step in a two-fold cleaning routine. Mary Kay® Micellar Water is the versatile solution for ultra-cleansed skin.

What is micellar water?
Micellar water offers a convenient way to cleanse the skin. The formula contains purified water and low concentrations of mild surfactants. These are grouped into tiny spheres called micelles. Micelles act like magnets to pull dirt and debris away from the skin.

Features of the product formula:
No rinsing necessary
Gentle yet effective
Versatile form of facial cleansing
Suitable for all skin types - for dry, normal, oily and sensitive skin
Mary Kay® Micellar Water

Quick cleaning

Soak a cotton pad with Mary Kay® Micellar Water and rub it gently over the whole face, avoiding direct eye contact. That's it - no rinsing necessary.

Double cleaning

Before cleaning, apply Mary Kay® Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover to a cotton wool pad and gently stroke down and out over the eye until the eye make-up is removed.

1. Soak a fresh cotton swab with Mary Kay® Micellar Water and wipe gently all over your face - avoiding the eye area to loosen facial make-up, oil and sebum.
2. For extra cleansed skin, cleanse the face with the usual Mary Kay® Cleanser. Then continue the care routine as usual.

Mary Kay® Micellar Water can be used twice a day.

What is double purge?

With this method, two different cleansing products ensure ultra-clean skin:

1. Micellar water is ideal as the first step in a dual cleansing routine as it gently loosens makeup and other daily debris.
2. A Mary Kay® Cleanser tailored to the skin type caters to individual needs and is then washed off.

Mary Kay® Micellar Water

Attracts impurities on the surface like a magnet
Gently removes make-up, oil and dirt
Gently cleanses the skin
No rinsing necessary