Limited-Edition† Mary Kay® Lip Balm Set

.3 oz each


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Give the gift of an everyday delight to everyone, including yourself. Drench your lips in this moisture-rich formula packed with aromas inspired by the lush, warm tropics. Delight in the buttery, balmy texture for micro moments of indulgence throughout the day. Satisfy your wanderlust as you escape to pout paradise with this limited-edition lip balm set.

Wrap it up for: the romantic daydreamers.

†Available while supplies last

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Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Lip Balm Set

Treat yourself and everyone else to a tropical, moisturising experience. This ready-to-gift lip balm set features the luscious scents of Sweet Berry and Tropical Guava, transporting you to a lush escape with each swipe. Reach for these tubes for a wave of hydration and an everyday moment of indulgence.

Formula Attributes
Tested for skin irritancy and allergy

Available while supplies last