Mary Kay® Sunscreen SPF 50

4 fl. oz


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Offering advanced protection against sunburn and premature skin ageing, Mary Kay® Sunscreen SPF 50 should be used during extended time in the direct sun or at higher elevations. It is your first line of defense against the sun – the #1 cause of skin ageing.

  • Absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft and moisturised.
  • Provides UVA/UVB protection.
  • Water-resistant and sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin. Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy.
  • Dermatologist-tested. Non-comedogenic.

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  • Overview
  • Key Ingredients

Mary Kay® SPF 50* Sunscreen

Protect your beauty and your health with Mary Kay® SPF 50 Sunscreen. This powerful formula helps prevent sunburn, reduce the risk of skin cancer and reduce the risk of premature skin ageing when used regularly, as directed and in combination with other sun protection measures. Mary Kay® SPF 50 Sunscreen delivers a very high level of broad-spectrum sun protection from UVA and UVB rays. Defend your face and body from sun damage during intense outdoor exposure such as going to the beach, hiking and backpacking. This highly effective sunscreen is very water resistant, yet it’s lightweight and oil-free. Glides evenly onto skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturised.

Key Ingredients

Powerful antioxidants

Acai berry extract (euterpe oleracea) and vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) work together to defend your skin against free radicals. The fruit has been reported to neutralize free radicals at a potency rate more than 80 times that of green tea, making it an antioxidant superpower. And vitamin E provides powerful, skin-soothing benefits.

Homosalate, oxybenzone, octisalate, octocrylene and avobenzone provide a combination of UVA and UVB protection to help prevent sunburn, reduce the risk of skin cancer and reduce the risk of premature skin ageing.

Glycerin helps balance or maintain proper moisture levels in skin.