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All About Wrinkles

Take a crash course in fine lines and wrinkles. Learn how to prevent wrinkles from forming prematurely and how to diminish the look of wrinkles once they make their debut with expert advice from Dr. Michelle Hines, Director of Product Formulation and Global Upstream Research at Mary Kay.

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Exfoliation for Beginners & Beyond

What’s the best way to exfoliate your skin? Should your routine change if you use retinol, have acne or have darker skin? Read this informative interview with Dr. Tiffany Carle, Associate Principal Scientist, Skin & Clinical Research, for expert advice on how to exfoliate your skin.

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Ingredient Glossary

Get to know some of the most sought-after ingredients in our skin care in this new and improved glossary! Learn all about their benefits, and find out which products feature these skin care superheroes with this easy-to-understand ingredient glossary.

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Skin Care by the Decades: Your 60s

How does skin change in your 60s, and what does a good skin care routine look like? Join us as we finish our Skin Care by the Decades series with the truth about how your skin is aging. Learn how you can embrace aging while pursuing healthy skin with science-backed expert advice from Dr. Michelle Hines, Director of Product Formulation and Global Upstream Research.

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Skin Care by the Decades: Your 30s, 40s and 50s

What is a good skin care regimen for someone in their 30s through 50s? We’re continuing our Skin Care by the Decades series with science-based skin care truths and tips for thirty-, forty- and fifty-somethings — including men — from Dr. Shoná Burkes-Henderson, Associate Principal Scientist.

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Skin Care by the Decades: Your 20s

How should you take care of your skin in your 20s? Dr. Shoná Burkes-Henderson, Senior Scientist, Clinical Research, kicks off our Skin Care by the Decades series by giving you the facts about the ideal skin care routine for twenty-somethings, ingredients to look for in your products and more scientifically based skin care tips.

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Retinol 101

Pure retinol is dermatology’s gold-standard ingredient to prevent and reverse visible signs of ageing. Decades of scientific study by universities and dermatologists around the world have supported the remarkable benefits of this ingredient, demonstrating its ability to deliver healthier, younger-looking skin.


Mary Kay Naturally®

Nature is rich with skin-benefiting wonders. This was the inspiration for our new skin care collection, Mary Kay Naturally, where naturally derived ingredients meet exciting product forms. Effective, versatile products are right in step with your daily routine, and gentle formulas are suitable for sensitive skin. Welcome to a new, naturally derived solution to gorgeous, healthy-looking skin.


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Skin Benefits of Vitamin C + Vitamin E

Vitamin C is great for skin. So is vitamin E. Put them together, and you’ve created something truly extraordinary. Their dynamic interaction improves antioxidant performance and boosts benefits, defending skin against premature ageing.

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Skin Care Routines 101

Get the answers to common questions about the importance of having a skin care routine no matter what your lifestyle is from .Dr. Cristi Gomez, Director of Product Safety & Environmental Toxicology, and David Gan, Senior Principal Scientist, Skin Research & Technology.

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Safe Skin Care Facts

What makes Mary Kay® products safe for you and easy on the environment? Get expert insights about Mary Kay’s safety standards and the healthy habits you can cultivate to care for your skin from Dr. Cristi Gomez, Director of Product Safety & Environmental Toxicology.

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Hydration How-To

Healthy, hydrated skin can be yours with the right tips and products. Discover the importance of hydration (also known as moisturisation), key ingredients that help quench your skin’s thirst and debunked hydration myths.