Tired of the pressures of being in the spotlight, Paola Cairasco left acting behind and sought a new opportunity that could bring her more purpose.

“I discovered a business opportunity that focuses on helping women,” says Paola. Realizing that the company’s values aligned with her own, Paola launched her business and focused on strengthening her talents within.

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Finding Purpose and Balance

She found a new stage where she could showcase her talents and discover new ones that she didn’t know existed. A natural leader, Paola’s greatest surprise was that she loved mentoring other women who wanted to start their own businesses. As her business grew, so did her leadership skills.

“I love helping other women become the best version of themselves,” says Paola. She also loves the art of selling and servicing her customers. “Beauty has the power to elevate a woman’s self-esteem, just like the business opportunity. I love the powerful feeling of cherishing other women’s joys and victories. It all adds up to a very satisfying, balanced and purposeful life.”
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The Power of Skin Care

Paola believes that beauty is more than skin deep and says that using a good skin care system is a natural start to a woman’s total transformation. She recommends the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set to those with combination skin like hers. It helps minimize pores and gives a glow of confidence, so they begin to shine inside and out.