Liu Wen Ying discovered beauty products that transformed her skin. She used her personal experience to start a business to help others create a glow of confidence too.

Closeup image of a woman with a slight smile

Beautiful Beginnings

In college, Liu tried a line of skin care products that greatly improved her skin. After college, she decided to leverage her passion for the products into a business that could help others achieve the same.

“The products changed the appearance of my skin and people noticed. Once I started my business, they also noticed a change inside me,” says Liu, who has always had a passion for helping others and found that her business allowed her to do that for many women.

“My business provided me with an environment where I could become more confident and more beautiful. I cared about my skin but found that caring for other women really matched my values and gave my life a purpose.”
Closeup image of a woman with a slight smile

Confidence is Key

Liu says that women in Taiwan are usually more traditional and are not encouraged to feel confident about themselves. She invests her time with the women in her network and spends hours educating them about the products and how to take care of their customers. Her investment in others pays off in building their confidence and changes the way women look and feel about themselves.
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Making a Positive Impact

Liu’s unique approach to business also has made a positive impact on everyone around her. “After I started my business, I realized the importance of my family and adjusted my priorities to be with my family more often,” she says. Because her business provides her with so much flexibility, she is able to travel to see her parents and spend more quality time with her children at home.

“My motivation comes from the desire to make life better for everyone, including my family, my customers, my team and the women I plan to meet in the future.”