Through her business, Franziska Ley discovered the power of positive thinking and realized the joy of becoming more open-minded and accepting of others.

Starting a new business venture proved to be a life-changing moment for Franziska because she clicked with the culture of women who taught her to see the best in others. Armed with a new attitude, she uses her influence to accept people just as they are.

Image of women smiling

Respecting Differences

“Like flowers in the garden, every woman I meet is special and has her own characteristics. I love being a leader because I am able to bring all the flowers together to make a stronger garden,” she says.

“When you have an open mind, your heart becomes great enough to help everyone you can.” As a business leader, Franziska encourages everyone to share their experiences so that they can learn and build new skills as a group. She also knows that she’s not perfect and shares that with the women she mentors. “I can learn from them about things that I cannot do. I think it’s okay to show the weaknesses that we have because we grow stronger together.”
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The Importance of Self-Care

When Franziska first launched her business, she possessed little knowledge about taking care of her skin care and applying makeup. Nine years later, she understands the importance of self-care and what it can do for a woman’s well-being.

The products that she recommends most to her customers? TimeWise® skin care to help women fight the signs of aging and to help them feel confident and strong in their own skin.