Sara Gutiérrez Becerra took her first business lessons from her mother, a legend in the beauty business in Mexico. Today, this young entrepreneur leads others with compassion and is committed to helping them discover their own unique talents. 

“My mom influenced me and many women in Mexico in such a positive way.” 

Like her mother, Sara invests in the women she leads in business, and focuses on their personal growth. “It’s easy to conduct business education as a leader. I like to focus on the personal growth of each woman and discover what makes her feel happy and fulfilled.”

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Leadership Lessons 

One of the most valuable business skills Sara has gained is the ability to learn from others.  

“When someone is better than you in a certain area and they’re part of your team, they make your team even better, right? So if I see you’re very good at something, I will ask for your help in that area because I know you’re going to help the whole team. Giving myself the opportunity to learn more through others has helped me become a stronger leader,” she says.  

Sara’s humble approach to leadership has helped her form close relationships with the women she mentors.  

 “The best advice I can give you is to be a friend to the women in your circle. Talk, go out, share adventures together. In the end, what matters the most is human values. I know it’s a business but there’s a lot of love in it, too.” 
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Makeup Lessons 

The love she feels for her business starts with her love of the products she uses. She has many favorites, like the absorbent Beauty Blotters® Oil-Absorbing Tissues she recommends for quick touch ups during the day. Sara’s top product pick is the Mary Kay® Oil-Free Makeup Remover because it’s so easy to use and gently removes her makeup perfectly every time.