It didn’t take Bibikhatsha Darmenkulova long to prove to her family the new business she started in 2011 was a good idea. Then she discovered there was an even fuller life waiting for her by helping others achieve success too.

As a young wife, Bibikhatsha worked and lived with her husband’s family. Like many in her small village, young wives fulfilled many responsibilities at home. For Bibikhatsha, that meant taking care of the children, looking after the farm animals and preparing meals for all the members of her multi-generational household.

Selfie of Bibi on vacation

Raising her Standards

One day, a friend brought a colleague to Bibikhatsha’s home to discuss a new business opportunity, and she became very intrigued. “I felt as if these women were from another world. I was fascinated by the way they looked, the way they spoke. They were so professional and came a long way to see me. So I thought ‘maybe it will work, maybe it will not. But I will begin,” she says.
Image of Bibi and four other women giving thumbs up

Uplifting Others

“In the beginning, it was about my family, but now it’s about helping other women bloom into confident, beautiful people. It is very special when people are happy, and you feel you are a part of their happiness. It makes me much happier today to see their successes rather than my own.”