Relationships are at the heart of everything Monika does, from her children to the businesswomen she mentors.

The positive communication skills Monika brought to the table to start her married life more than 20 years ago are the same ones she relies on to build and maintain her business.

“The biggest gift to give children and all people is to give them attention with a positive mindset,” she says.

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Living a Balanced Life

For her children, that means providing support to give them confidence to achieve in school and at home. For the women she mentors, she provides a supportive ear and gives them encouragement. A disciplined entrepreneur, she devotes the first part of her day to her business and shifts to her family’s needs in the afternoon. Her divided schedule allows her to spend time with each person to make the most positive impact, and also helps her lead the balanced life she’s always wanted.
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Focusing on the Individual

A natural relationship-builder, Monika understands the value of appreciating each person’s skills and nurturing their ideas.

“It's about building connections and talking to people as individuals and treating them as human beings,” she says. It’s also important to Monika to show that she really cares about the people she guides in business.

“Everything I do is about showing respect for others. I love this business because I can succeed right along with the friends that surround me -- people who have become like my second family.”
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A Grateful Heart

Monika is grateful for all the things she has accomplished so far. She’s also grateful for Mary Kay Clinical Solutions®, age-fighting skin care that keeps her skin looking amazing. It’s part of her weekly beauty routine that keeps her looking and feeling good about the future and the business she has created.

“I have a happy marriage and happy, healthy kids. And a solid business."