Dayana changed her destiny by focusing on the power of abundant thinking.

A Cuban immigrant who arrived in the U.S. in 2003, Dayana has made a huge impact on the lives of women by encouraging them.

“We have the opportunity to make a difference in the world right now, making people feel important, appreciated and valued. And that's what we do in our business,” she says. “People can get too focused on the barriers that obstruct their view of their dreams.”

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Confident to Be Herself

In 2008, she made up her mind to abandon a fearful mentality and started her own business. With her mind full of gratitude and abundance, she changed her trajectory and credits her father for instilling the drive to excel within her.

“He always told me to stay focused on my own progress and not to compete with others. He would challenge me to beat my best every day and that is how I measure my progress,” she says.

Dayana also believes every woman should stay true to herself. “She doesn't need to be like anyone else. She just needs to be able and willing to become a better version of herself,” she says.
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The Beauty of Helping Others

Dayana wants every woman to know that they deserve the opportunity to dream. And, for her, the most beautiful thing of all is to watch them open their minds and turn them into reality.
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Skin Care Secrets

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